ARBER: Air Resources Board Equipment Registration

**Please ensure your ARBER account is current and accurate. New Regulatory requirements for TRUs start December 31, 2023**


ARBER is an online registration program for the Drayage Truck and Transport Refrigeration Unit Regulations. Please review the online system and regulation requirements before attempting to use ARBER.

View the Online Registration System Requirements.
Program Contacts
For general ARBER questions, send an email to
Drayage Truck Registration -

Toll-Free Helpline: 1-888-247-4821
Direct Line: 1-916-322-2277
See the Drayage Truck Program.
See the Help Pages.
Transport Refrigeration Unit and Generator Set Registration -

Toll-Free Helpline: 1-888-878-2826
See the Transport Refrigeration Unit Program.
See the Help Pages.
See the Compliance Extension Forms.
Other Diesel Program Contacts -

Contact the Diesel Hotline


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Important Information for First Time Users -
In order to use ARBER, you must first set up a user and company profile. If you are a company that manages equipment that are owned by other companies, first create your company profile and then contact the appropriate ARB program contact to complete your setup.

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