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**Please ensure your ARBER account is current and accurate. New Regulatory requirements for TRUs start December 31, 2023**


This page allows you to retrieve a report listing companies that are 100 percent compliant with the Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU) regulation based on current information in the ARBER database. Companies with only active TRU and TRU genset registrations showing compliance with the TRU ATCM in ARBER at the time of the report will show on this 100 percent compliant list. Companies will not be included in this report if they have non-compliant units, or if the units they operate are owned by another business entity, such as a lessor, parent company, or holding company. Additionally, carriers based outside of California may not be included depending on whether they have voluntarily chosen to register. Please be aware that a company's compliance status may change when a compliance deadline passes or when an owner brings its TRUs into compliance. These listings are available in both PDF and CSV format. CSV format allows the report to be reviewed as a spreadsheet. To view companies which are 100 percent compliant based on ARBER registrations, please select one or more of the available lists by following instructions indicated below.
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  • Enter company name to check a specific company's compliance status. Click "Submit" to see if the company is in the listing. Please keep in mind that companies may use different spellings for their names.
  • Enter a partial company name to check companies that start with a common phrase. * (asterisk) is used as a wildcard to check companies that may have a common phrase in their names e.g. type "*king" for companies ending with "king". Click "Submit" to get a listing of companies that meet the name criteria in the ARBER database.
  • Enter city and click "Submit" to retrieve a listing of all compliant companies in that city in the ARBER database.
  • Select state and click "Submit" to retrieve a listing of all compliant companies in that state in the ARBER database.
  • Leave all fields blank and click "Submit" to retrieve a listing of all compliant companies in the ARBER database.
  • Populate more than one field to narrow the search if needed.
To view compliance information for a single TRU or TRU generator set, visit
To view tools for carriers, brokers, forwarders, shippers and receivers, visit TRU Compliance Check Resources.
Note: Please see conditions of use at This information is current as of the time and date on the listing retrieved.


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