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**Please ensure your ARBER account is current and accurate. New Regulatory requirements for TRUs start December 31, 2023**


This page allows you to search for the compliance status for a Transport Refrigeration Unit (TRU). In order for your search to work, you must complete at least one of the search fields below. The search fields represent information that uniquely identifies a TRU. Partial searches are not allowed by the system.
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  Beginning January 1, 2013, California law will require freight brokers, forwarders, shippers, and receivers to only hire and dispatch TRU-equipped trucks, trailers, shipping containers, and railcars that are compliant with the in-use performance standards if the perishable load will travel on California highways or railways. Visit TRU Compliance Check Resources to view tools for carriers, brokers, forwarders, shippers and receivers. Visit to view "100 Percent-Compliant Carrier List"" based on ARBER registration data.


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